The Founder/CEO
Christian "Nelson" Odinma was born to Nigerian parents Iheanacho and Grace "Nelson" Odinma. The Grand Rapids, MI Aka "GRAND CITY" native has been making his presence felt in the Midwest, for quite some time now. Winning spots in musicals, talent shows, and leading out in all city community choirs, are just the beginning of the track record for the now 34 year old Nelson.

"I realize that there are many good artist to be heard, I for one, am influenced by some of them. Its a blessing to be recognized for what you love, and I acknowledge that in the lyrics I am inspired to write."
Nelson, has been singing National Anthems for NCAA Basketball, Football and Baseball games since 15. He is renowned as the "choir boy" in his home town and state.

Attending undergrad as a student/employee at Ferris State, Michigan State University, and Lansing Community College ,he studied Marketing Management and General Business. Nelson has utilized the resources that school has provided, to establish himself as a creditable artist and songwriter. He is a very self motivated individual who is always willing to listen and learn.

Through 2002- 2017, Nelson has had the opportunity to work with artist such as Glen Mosley, O- MUSIC ENT, Tito 6 as well as artist such as Memphis Bleek, Bobby V.,Trey Songz, Jeremih, Sisqo of Dru Hill, and Tone Tone from Shonuff Records. Other notable artist Nelson has worked with have been Z-Money, a California native with records featuring Ray-J, DJ Khaled and more.

He's written,sang and produced with D12music of Libmuzik who is the #1 artist in Liberia. Nelson won Atlantas Solo Artist Award in February 2017, and was invited by Grammy Winning producers Needlz, Focus and Mark Byrd to the iWrite Songwriter Experience at Patchwerk Studios in March of 2017. In May of 2017 Nelson was booked for 10 state tour with DJ Ro (Missy Elliot DJ)
With a great sense of humor, and a cool demeanor, Nelson has founded his T- Shirt line entitled "SALUTE" a great addition to how his social awareness connects to real people with real challenges and the recognition of people doing good in their own respected communities. He cross promotes his music and with his brand. Nelson, now resides in Atlanta, GA, where he is a singer/songwriter/entrepreneur. "I was rebaptized July 19th 2014, and the Lord impressed me to use my talents to contribute to the health industry, and to use my music to honor and praise him now."

Nelson was featured on Showtime at the APOLLO in November of 2007 in Harlem. He has also featured on WQHH 96.5 FM, the largest urban radio station in Lansing, MI as well as 97.5 FM the largest Top 40 station in Lansing. In addition, he was also the featured Intro artist for the prominent radio host Jazzy T at FM 98 WJLB on Sundays 10am to 2pm in Detroit MI. This has gained him a diverse fan base, and created a stepping stone for his bigger goal, which is showing that it's ok to be exactly who God wants you to be, which is evident in his music.

Ladies and Gentleman give it up, and get ready for the very focused... CHRISTIAN NELSON!

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